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Now Available: Frozen Mice

By request of our local clients who keep reptiles in addition to inverts, we are expanding our feeder selection to include frozen mice. No, we are not expanding into selling reptiles, and we do not recommend these frozen rodents for arachnid consumption.  This is simply our effort to make it easier for our local clients to get the feeders they need for ALL of their pets in one place.  This is especially important during the covid situation, when we are encouraged to limit the number of trips out we need to make.   We can also ship the frozen feeders, but they will need to ship separate from live stock.

Thank you for your patience

We have been working hard to get emails and other messages answered as quickly as possible, but we have been swamped with orders for the sale and it is taking us longer that usual to catch up.  Please allow us at lest 72 hour to reply to your message.

Happy New Year SALE! Ending Friday!

Happy New Year!  We would like to kick off 2021 with a sale !  We have listed discounts on most females in stock, and we are offering 20% off all other animals that are not already on sale (excluding feeders).  This sale will end FRIDAY January 15.

Extended Road Trip! Ontario and Quebec

At the end of January, we will be making an extended road trip to deliver orders in Ontario and western Quebec.  This will be a two day trip, and we will try to hit as many cities as possible.  We are tentatively scheduling the trip for January 30/31, but depending on weather and the Covid situation, the dates may need to be adjusted.  If there is enough interest, we are hoping to head as far west as Windsor/Sarnia, and as far north as Sudbury/North Bay.  In Ontario, we will be making drops along highways/routes 400, 401, 402, 403, 417, 17, 40, 69, QEW (as far east as St. Catherine’s), and more.  For Quebec, will be able to make drops at the start of our trip along autoroute 20 from Dorval to the Ontario boarder.  To finish our trip, we will be able to make drops in Gatineau, then along autoroute 50 back to Laval.

To maximize the number of locations at which we can make drops for the day, we will be setting up designated meeting places near the highway where folks in each city can meet us to grab their orders.  Our schedule will be tight, so we will not be able to make drop offs at individual residences.

Since this is a special trip just for drop offs, there will be a $10 fee per order to help cover our gas and other expenses for the weekend. Anyone interested in a drop off should submit their order via our website shopping cart or by email. At this time, we are setting the deadline to get orders in for the trip at Thursday January 28.  All order must be pre-paid by the morning of Friday January 29, NO EXCEPTIONS!  We will not be accepting cash at drop-offs. 

Here is a quick list of cities that we hope to include in the trip.  We can also hit other cities/towns along our route.  If you do not see your town on the list, just message us if you would like to know if a drop is available in your area:

Arnprior, Ajax, Barrie, Belleville, Belle River, Brampton, Brantford, Brockville, Burlington, Cambridge, Chatham-Kent, Cornwall, Gatineau, Guelph, Hamilton, Kanata, Kingston, Kitchener, Lachute, London, Mississauga, North Bay, Oakville,  Oshawa, Ottawa, Prescott, Renfrew, Sarnia, St. Catherine’s, Sudbury, Toronto (GTA), Whitby, Windsor, Woodstock.

New Stock!

Over the past few weeks we have been picking up animals from other breeders. We have also decided to clean house and move out some specimens from our private stock. Check out the price list for the new additions.

Acanthoscurria geniculata (congrats to Jordan Castle for his breeding success!)

Shop Lockdown Protocols

The province of Quebec will be under lockdown from December 25 until February 8.  During this period, the shop will be open but with restrictions.  We will require that all clients pre-order what they need via our website or email, and then pass by for a quick pickup or "curbside drop-off".  Pre-payment for orders will be preferred, but we can also accept payments of credit card or debit card at the shop.  NO CASH will be accepted , and customers will not be permitted to look around the shop or hand select animals during the lockdown.  

Coronavirus update

We have been contacted by folks with questions regarding shipping, store hours, and expo schedules with the precautions that have been put in place to prevent the spread of the coronavirus.  We will post updates as the come in here:

SHIPPING:  The shipping companies are still operating as normal, so until further notice,  we are still shipping, but with a few adjusted procedures.  To make sure the boxes are on the first trucks out for delivery, we are requiring all shipments to use Priority Overnight service (this is just $2-$4 higher than Standard Overnight service in most areas).   The shipping companies have switched to a "contactless signature" system, meaning that you will not need to physically sign for the box, however, someone must be home to receive the box.  The delivery personnel will NOT leave the box behind if no one answers the door.

SPECIAL NOTE- Prevention of the spread of the virus: At the shop, we are doing everything we can to protect ourselves and prevent the transmission of infections.  We have protocols in place to ensure our facility is as germ free as possible and that the boxes are clean when they are packed.  This includes cleaning and disinfection of our facility, and limiting access to the building. But rest assured, if anyone on our staff shows symptoms of illness due to COVID-19, we will suspend all shipping until there is no longer a risk for transmission.  

5 for $50 Mix and Match Special

Mix and Match any combination of 5 of these spiderlings for just $50! You save up to 33%!

Kochinana brunnipes 1/8"

Nhandu tripepii 1/2"

Ornithoctoninae sp. Hatihati 1/2"

Psalmopoeus cambridgei 3/4"

Tliltocatl albopilosum (Nicaragua) 1/2"

Viridasius sp. Madagascar 1/2"

5 for $100 Mix and Match Special

Mix and Match any combination of 5 of these spiderlings for just $100! You save 20%!

Acanthoscurria geniculata 1/4"

Brachypelma albiceps 1/4"

Brachypelma auratum 1/4"

Brachypelma boehmei 1/4"

Brachypelma emilia 1/4"

Brachypelma hamorii 1/4"

Brachypelma klaasi 1/2"

Chilobrachys sp. Cambodian blue 1/2"

Ornithoctonus aureotibialis 1/2"

Orphnaecus sp. Panay Blue 1/3"

Pterinopelma sazimai 1/4"

Selenops radiata 1/2"

Tapinauchenius violaceus 1/2"

Theraphosinae sp. Panama-Ipeti (small) 1/8"

Theraphosinae sp. Panama-Ipeti (large) 1/8"

Tliltocatl epicuraneum 1/2"

Tliltocatl kahlenbergi 1/4"

Tliltocatl vagans 1/4"

3 for $90 Sale!

Mix and Match any combination of 3 and save 14%!

Androctonus australis "hector" (Tunisia) 3/4"

Androctonus cholistanus 1/4"

Hottentotta franzwerneri 3/4"

Hottentotta salei 3/4"

Leiurus quinquestriatus (Somalia) 1/2"

Mesobuthus macmahoni 1/4"

Pseudhapalopus sp. yellow-blue 1/8"

Sericopelma sp. Chica 3/4"

Sericopelma sp. El Cope 3/4"

Sericopelma sp. Santa Catalina 3/4"