Upcoming Events

May 28 - May 29, 2022

Calgary Reptile Expo

We Are Attending!
(Absolute Baseball Academy, 2221 Crowchild Trail NW Calgary, AB, Canada T2M 4S7)
May 29, 2022

Toronto Reptile Expo

We Are Attending!
(International Center, Hall 3, 6900 Airport Road, Mississauga, ON)

The second Spring Import has arrived!

We received lots of tarantula hobby classics, some rarer species that have been out of stock for a while, other mygalomorphs, and some nice female specimens.  Check out the price list for all of the new arrivals.  Here are some highlights:

Avicularia purpurea

Pamphobeteus sp. Platyomma

Theraphosinae sp. Panama "Lava"

Fufius sp. Gold

Harmonicon oyapoqueae

Calgary Reptile Expo May 28/28

Amanda will be flying out for the Calgary Reptile  Expo, May  28/29.   We will have our full selection of tarantulas, as well as a selection of scorpions, other invertebrates, and books. 

We will be sending out another box of animals for the expo, so we will now be able to continue to take pre-orders for the expo up until Monday May 23. All expo reservations must be pre-paid.  Pre-orders are not considered reserved until payment has been received (first come/first served rules still apply).

Expo pricing and specials! We will be accepting cash, credit/debit cards, and contactless payments via mobile devices (PayPass, etc) on site.

Attn Lethbridge and Medicine Hat:  Thanks to a generous offer by local tarantula lover, we will be able to offer a free pick up option for Lethbridge and Medicine Hat.  The orders will be shipped to the Calgary expo, and then transported to a pick up location in each city.  Anyone interest can place an order as usual on our website, and put in the comments section that it is for the local pickup option.

Toronto Reptile Expo May 29

Tarantula Canada will be attending the Toronto Reptile Expo on Sunday, May 29.  Martin will be running the show this time around.  Come out to get some great deals on captive bred inverts, and take advantage of specials only available at the expo.  We will have our full selection of tarantulas, as well as a selection of other arachnids, isopods, books, and housing supplies.

Expo hours will be from 9:00am until 4:00pm

Tickets will be available online.  Go to reptileexpo.ca to get your tickets in advance.

We are now taking reservations for this expo for folks who do not want to miss out on the critters on their wish list.   The deadline to get reservations in and paid is Wednesday May 25.

All expo reservations must be pre-paid.  Pre-orders are not considered reserved until payment has been received (first come/first served rules still apply).

For payments at this expo we will be accepting cash, VISA , MasterCard, AmEx, and debit.

Special Note:  species with potent venom (including, but not limited to, Buthidae scorpions, centipedes, and Latrodectus sp) will NOT be available for sale at the expo, per the expo organizers' request.

20th Anniversary T-Shirt Contest

For our 20th anniversary, we would like to put out a new T-shirt to celebrate.  We have a lot of creative and talented supporters, so we want to give you the chance to design the new shirts!  Submit your T-shirt ideas via email to tarantulacanada@yaoo.com .  The winner will receive a $200 Tarantula Canada gift certificate**, and of course a free shirt! Here are the rules:

-The design needs to be printed on a black, white, or red shirt 

-Printed design should use no more than 2 colors.

-Our flag logo needs to be incorporated in some way

-Some indication of ൜ years", ൜th anniversary" or 񓠆-2022" (just get 20 in there somewhere)

-This must be an original design (do not use images or artwork belonging to others).

-There is no limit to the number of designs you can submit

-Keep the designs family friendly

-This contest is open to both Canadians and non-Canadians. **If the winner resides outside of Canada, an alternate, non-live stock prize will be awarded.

-The deadline to submit a design is May 31!

Canadian Born Spiderlings

We have some new spiderlings in stock, thanks to the efforts of our local Canadian breeders:

Caribena versicolor 1/2" at $45 (bred in house at Tarantula Canada). 

Typhochlaena seladonia 1/4" at $200 (bred in house at Tarantula Canada). 

Amazonius germani (formerly P. gigas) 1/2" at $25, or 5 for $100 special (Thank you Anne Mack). 

Ephebopus murinus  1/2" at $45 (Thank you Geoffrey Medeiros) 

Xenesthis immanis 1" at $115 (breeder wishes to remain anonymous)

Tarantula Canada: Celebrating 20 years!

Wow, time flies when you are having fun!  Martin started Tarantula Canada way back in December of 2002, so for the remainder of 2022, we will be celebrating with contests, special offers, and more!  We will post the first contest soon.

In addition to the regular contests, we will have a Grand Prize Draw in December.  For every order placed and finalized via our website or in store in 2022 (including those placed earlier this year) your name will be entered into a draw to win a grand prize: a $500 Tarantula Canada gift certificate!  The draw will take place on December 31. *For clients who purchase in store, request that your purchase be entered under your name (rather than an anonymous store sale) in our system to be entered.  **This contest is only open to Canadian residents.

Please support Team Tarantula Canada in Autism Speaks Canada Walk

Some of you may know that our boys, Anton and Lucien, are autistic. They are wonderful little boys, but they do have their challenges. Thanks to organizations like Autism Speaks, our boys have access to programs, services, and support that help them in their day to day lives.  Autism Speaks also works to increase understanding, acceptance and inclusion of people with autism spectrum disorder, advance innovative research, and make connections to lifelong services and supports for the autism community.

The Montreal Walk will take place on June 12, 2022.  A portion of all Tarantula Canada sales through June 12 will be donated to Autism Speaks. Please support Team Tarantula Canada and help us reach our fundraising goals.

Please support Team Tarantula Canada. Make a donation today and improve the lives of everyone living with autism.  

5 for $100 Mix and Match Special

Mix and Match any combination of 5 of these spiderlings for just $100! You save 20%!

Amazonius germani 1/2"

Aphonopelma seemanni 1/2"

Brachypelma albiceps 1/4"

Brachypelma boehmei 1/4"

Brachypelma emilia 1/4"

Brachypelma hamorii 1/2"

Brachypelma smithi 1/4"

Chilobrachys huahini 1/2"

Chilobrachys sp. Kaeng Krachan 1/2"

Davus pentaloris 1/4"

Hapalopus sp. Colombia/large 1/2"

Holothele longipes 1/4"

Hysterocrates cf. gigas 1/2"

Idiothele mira 1/2"

Kochiana brunnipes 1/4"

Neoholothele incei 1/4"

Nhandu chromatus 1/4"

Nhandu coloratovillosus 1/2"

Nhandu tripepii 1/4"

Orphnaecus sp. Panay Blue 2/3"

Phormingochilus sp. Rufus 1/2"

Pterinopelma sazimai 1/4"

Tapinauchenius cupreus 1/2"

Tapinauchenius plumipes 3/4"

Tapinauchenius violaceus 1/2"

Tliltocatl epicuraneum 1/2"

Tliltocatl kahlenbergi 1/2"

Tliltocatl vagans 1/4"

3 for $90 Sale!

Mix and Match any combination of 3 and save 14%!

Brachypelma albiceps 1/2"

Brachypelma auratum 1/2"

Brachypelma boehmei 3/4"

Brachypelma emilia 3/4"

Brachypelma klaasi 3/4"

Brachypelma smithi 1/2"

Bumba cabocla 1/3"

Ceratogyrus darlingi 1/2"

Chilobrachys dyscolus "Blue" 1"

Chilobrachys dyscolus Black 1/2"

Cyriocosmus aueri 1/8"

Cyriocosmus ritae 1/2"

Fufius sp. Gold 1/4"

Grammostola pulchripes 1/3"

Hapalopus sp. Columbia / small 1/8"

Harmonicon oyapoqueae 1.25"

Harpactira baviana 1/2"

Holothele longipes 3/4"

Nhandu coloratovillosus 3/4"

Ornithoctoninae sp. Hatihati 1/2"

Psalmopoeus reduncus 3/4"

Pseudhapalopus sp. yellow-blue 1/8"

Pterinopelma sazimai 1/2"

Sericopelma sp. Chica 1.25"

Sericopelma sp. El Cope 1.25"

Tapinauchenius violaceus 3/4"

Tliltocatl vagans 1/2"