We wish to extend our gratitude to everyone who has contributed pictures or specimens to our photo gallery. Very special thanks to our friends Steffen Haller, Dirk Weinmann, Andreas Strimm and Jean Michel Verdez for inviting us to their homes and letting us take pictures of so many amazing specimens. We also wish to thank Michael Scheller, Steve Nunn, Bøetislav Fidra, Vítìzslav Honsa, Alex Hooijer, Johann Tascon, Jörg Broghammer and Emmanuel Laine for their picture contributions.

Disclaimer: While we do our very best to see that our specimens are properly labeled, our photo gallery is not meant to be used as an identification tool.

PLEASE NOTE: We do not allow the photos in our photo gallery to be used on any other website, or for any other type of publication, without our consent. Anyone wishing to use our photos should contact us directly. Posting links to our photos on other websites is permitted.


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